Past IWEDs

Topics of the Workshops on Electric Drives

held annually by the Department of Electric Drives at the National Research University «Moscow Power Engineering Institute»

2022 Advances in Power Electronics for Electric Drives

2021 Improving Reliability of Electric Drives CfPProgramProc.; Media;
2020 MPEI Department of Electric Drives 90th Anniversary CfPProgramProc.; Media;
2019 Improvement in efficiency of Electric Drives CfPProgramProc.; Media;
2018 Optimization in Control of Electric Drives CfPProgramProc.Media;
2017 Traction electric drives
2016 New solutions in electric drives. Proc. (Ru)
2015 Anniversary workshop – 85 years of Electric Drives Department. Proc. (Ru)
2014 Methods and tools for tuning of electric drives. Proc. (Ru)
2013 Servodrives. Proc. (Ru)
2012 New areas for electric drives. Proc. (Ru)
2011 Energy saving by means of electric drives. Proc. (Ru)
2010 Anniversary workshop – 80 years of Electric Drives Department. Proc. (Ru)
2009 Electric drives for mechatronic devices. Proc. (Ru)
2008 BLDC and BLAC motor drives. Proc. (Ru)
2007 Switched-reluctance drives. Proc. (Ru)
2006 Adjustable speed drives – experience and perspective
2005 Anniversary workshop – 75 years of Electric Drives Department
2004 Excavator drives
2003 Industrial networks and electric drives
2002 Direct current drives – current state and perspective
2001 PLC in industrial applications
2000 Anniversary workshop – 70 years of Electric Drives Department
1999 Motor control microcontrollers
1998 Frequency converters in modern electric drives
1997 Increasing efficiency of electric drives
1996 Switched-reluctance drives – pros and cons
1995 Energy efficient drives for fans and pumps
1994 Modern adjustable speed drives